Canning albacore tuna

Guide to Canning Albacore Tuna


By: Josh Hofmann




Canning albacore tuna is a fairly simple process, but still can be challenging to novice cooks who aren’t familiar with using a pressure cooker. Once you have eaten home canned albacore tuna, the canned tuna you get at the store just can’t compete.


Equipment and Material Needed

  • Pressure cooker, any size will work but the bigger the pressure cooker the more cans you can cook at one time.
  • Mason jars, any size will work but I prefer half pint jars.
  • Roll of paper towels.
  • Knife and Cutting Board


Caution: A pressure cooker can act like a bomb if used improperly. Make sure to read the pressure cooker’s instruction manual if you have any questions or concerns about pressure cooker use.


Step one is take the cutting board and knife and cut the albacore loins into pieces that fit into the mason jars.


Step two is two place the sliced pieces of albacore loin into the mason jars. Make sure to leave a quarter inch of room at the top of the mason jar. This is done because the tuna will expand during cooking.

Step three is to take paper towels and wipe the rim of each mason jar. This step is the most important step because if any debris if left on the rim of the mason jar the lid won’t create a seal during cooking. This means the unsealed can of tuna will have to be eaten right away.

Step four is to place the lids on the mason jars and to screw the rings on the jars. The rings should be snug but not overly tightened, or really loose.

Step five is to fill the pressure cooker with two quarts water.

Step six is to place the mason jars in the pressure cooker. Stack the mason jars on top of one another to fit more into the pressure cooker. Make sure the lid can still fit on properly. This will determine how many jars can be cooked at once.

Step seven is to cook the tuna jars for one hundred minutes at eleven pounds of pressure. Make sure to start the time once the pressure cooker has reached eleven pounds pressure.

Step eight which is the last step is to remove the canned jars from the pressure cooker and check for jars that didn’t seal. A lid that didn’t seal will bulge out and a lid that sealed will bulge in. At this point in time the canned mason jars full of albacore tuna are ready to eat or be placed in the cupboard or pantry.



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